Marquee and tent hire information

The current weather can and will affect the mood of the party. Don’t risk getting drenched in the middle of your celebration by installing a marquee. Having A Party offers installation of tents at a reasonable price. We have professionals who are highly trained to do the job and consider every single factor prior to installation.

Before the Party

Get a quotation. Do this earlier the better, so cost-related concerns will be taken care of beforehand. You can submit your own diagram of how you want the setup to look like. Our team of experts are flexible to any common setup. Advance planning is required so we can monitor the wind speed (it should not go over 40 KPH), weather condition, and other reasons that will potentially delay the installation or removal of the marquees.

Start clearing up the selected area days before the event. The place where you want the tent to be placed has to be free from clutter. Lawn has to be mowed and any other blockage must be removed. This is to make setting up faster. Also, pets have to be restrained during installation day to ensure the process go smoothly.

On the Day

You are welcome to call us with regards to approximate arrival times. Our service starts from eight o’clock in the morning up to four o’clock in the afternoon. During the installation, we consider underground factors before we set up the tent, especially when we have to put weight through staking. You have to check for sprinkler systems, wirings and lines, and other utility service installed in the area. This is to avoid any damages when we start staking.

We need at least a 50-cm clearance around the perimeter where you want the marquee to be installed. In line with this, its a great idea to call your utility company to locate their pipes or lines. From there, we will adjust the position of the tent to be installed, or weight the marquee to avoid the risk of damaging underground assets.

Aside from this, you need to locate the closest power source if you are renting out a tent with lighting. In most cases, these are the tents used during evening celebrations, or when an event is expected to last the night. Make sure the top of a marquee is 5m away from power lines.

Delivery service is done on ground floors of any residential or commercial area. This can be your garage, a loading dock, or a vacant space on the street front of a building. There are extra charges for deliveries done on upper floors.

After the Party

Prepare the equipment you have rented out before the return pickup. Any delays in the arranged schedule may be subject to extra fees. All goods must be stacked (when possible) in the same way that they were delivered to you. Cleaning fees incurred by us are charged to you. However, extreme dirt that requires extensive cleaning may be further charged after the event.

Have a good time without worrying about the weather. Contact Having A Party now for any marquee and other party needs inquiry.

Having A Party

Having A Party