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Trailer Bar

  • Portable Trailer Bar

    Our Coolrooms are set to comply with Victoria’s food safety requirements, operating at 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.
  • Our equipment is new, and of the highest working quality, all coolrooms are washed and hygienically cleaned between each hire.
  • Provided with every coolroom are padlocks & wheelclamps to immobilize for safety. All coolrooms run on standard household 240v 10amp power supply, are fitted with adjustable or removable shelving, automatic interior lighting and safety door latches.
  • We will quote an all-inclusive price allowing for delivery and pickup from your site. The cost of hygienic steam cleaning is included.
  • Long term hire availableCommercial display fried on one side, 3 x beer taps on the other. Pop-Up awnings and external lighting
Commercial display fridge on one side, 3 x beer taps on other. Pop-up awnings and extertnal lighting
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